On Hobbies

While I was in school, it felt like I never had time for myself, for the betterment of my personal hobby skills, or just hobbies in general. But this summer, as I’m free of summer assignments, I’ve been able to spend waaaay more time pursuing my interests, which include:
Photography. I am such a sucker for beaches and sunsets and flowers and butterflies… There’s something so addicting to capturing the picturesque, the unnoticed, the rawest. But I definitely wanna explains on it. Human emotion is something I definitely want to work on being able to capture, as well as nightscapes. As of now, all I have now is an ancient digital camera from 2005 or something, but I’m hoping to get a Sony Alpha 6000 with any funds I can put together this summer/with a job in college. 
Reading. MY GOD I haven’t gotten to read for pleasure in so long! I burned through 3 books these past few weeks: Paper Towns by John Green, the Sirens on Titan by Kurt Vonnegut, and The Humanity Project by ____. I’d almost forgotten how reading can transport you into an alternate universe, let you delve into the the minds, the motives, and the emotions of characters, and gain an understanding of the author’s view of the world. I’ll definitely be soaking up more books this summer!
Blogging! What better way to let off steam and share what I find interesting and meaningful, all while training myself in web design and coding? It’s such an artistic outlet for me, and I’m so glad I’m back, and blogging a bit more consistently, more honestly, and more passionately. 
Drawing! Such a stress-reliever. Any time I get to doodle, I do so. My notes are gonna be hella doodly next year… And I really wanna work with oil pastels again soon. 
Journaling! I love being able to read my past self; my observations, my feelings, my trains of thoughts, my struggles, my personality. This is another stress-reliever that has turned into a pile of notebooks in the corner of my room that I will keep forever. 
Music. Whether I am just letting it go in the shower or performing for people, playing piano, or fangirling over Panic! at the Disco, music and singing has always been that one thing that has been there that I can rely on. Mood booster, exercise motivator, and happy place. Wouldn’t survive without this hobby. 
Hanging with friends. Always a good time when I can spend quality time with the ones I love most (: 
What about you guys? Any favorite hobbies of yours? Perhaps you can turn me on to some new things 😀

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