On Travel

Oooooh I feel like I could blog all day about this. 

I absolutely LOVE travel. Ever since I was young, and my parents would go places, I’d find myself always on the left side of the car, with a window seat, staring out for hours watching the different genres of land and cityscapes roll by.  I’d spend nights in different hotels, lodges, condos, and houses, and I’ve never grown tired of a change in scenery. As someone who is bored easily, adventure and travel are some of the only things that can grab and keep my attention. 
And while I haven’t done a ton of major traveling, I want to do it as much as I can in the years to come. 
Just so I can get my head all in one place, I’m gonna list the places I have traveled to (also so I can maybe formulate a travel bucket list!!), and hopefully be inspired to add more places to that list. (:
Let’s see… I’ve been to:
-Russia (albeit, when I was little– I was born there)
-North Carolina
-South Carolina
-West Virginia
-Maryland (all too often– kind of sort of not really tired of it)
-New Jersey 
-New York (first time with my choir!! Probably that’s where I picked up my wanderlust :D)
Annnnnnnnd I think that’s it. I would LOVE to get out of the states… I definitely want to go to Germany in college… And Ireland if I can! 
There’s just something amazing about being with a whole new group of people, a whole different surrounding and culture… There’s so much to learn and do and I just want to see it all. 
Where have you guys been? What are your travel aspirations? 

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