On Love


This is a difficult prompt. I honestly don’t know what to write here without being super cliche or sappy or—
Ah what the heck. 
Here’s a list of bulleted ideas that I would use to describe love in my life:
Love is…
❤️a powerful feeling capable of transforming your being 
❤️putting someone else’s feelings, emotions, and desires above your own (sometimes. Not all the time. 
❤️the little cuddle closer to you in the middle of the night 
❤️laughing together, and getting the other person to laugh even when they feel like they never can again 
❤️smiling for no reason 
❤️a conscious commitment– being happy with someone (or something), so much so that you enjoy and/or tolerate their inevitable flaws
❤️my mother 
❤️sincere “I’m sorry”s
❤️being brave/strong when the other person can’t be 
❤️an every day event. I won’t love any less on one day, or take a vacation from it. 
❤️that look in your eyes when you’re thinking the same thing and in the moment relish how connected and similar you are 
❤️picking up the phone at 3:00am in the morning when the caller most needs it 
❤️never being able to stay overly angry for too long 
❤️warm hugs, soft kisses, and touching foreheads
❤️that subconscious flutter in the heart, brain, and stomach simultaneously 
❤️the courage to let go, even when it hurts too much
❤️an acknowledgement of everything about yourself and the other person, and realizing that loving yourself is equally important  
❤️so much stronger than hate
❤️is love 

What does love mean to you guys?



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