On Daydreams

You know those moments in movies, tv shows, cartoons… Where every time a character has a fantasy or day dream, the air squiggles in and out or time and space ripples outwards from their heads? 
Wouldn’t that be cool if that happened in real life? Then you could see how often people are thinking about something else or why the people in the car in front of you haven’t put their foot on the gas even though the light turned green. 
For me, it’s not like this giant, slow-mo moment like it is in the movies– slipping into my own thoughts or fantasies often come unexpectedly, without acknowledging it, and before I know it I’m snapping back to attention either on my own, like “huh, that was interesting to think about, that was fun, I’m done now”, or I’m snapped out by the efforts of someone else to get my attention, caught off guard like “wha-ahahdhjdjddjhdjgkgjshgagagshd hmm?”
And I honestly don’t think my “day dreams” are “dreams”.. There more of a flitting between off-task thoughts ranging anywhere from in-depth pondering a of my surroundings, what I forgot to do earlier in the day, what I want to do in the future…
Sometimes they’re a welcomed distraction to awkward silences, blankness in my head… Or just a form of deep reflection in peaks of boredom on long car rides. 
In essence, I think, like normal night-time dreams, daydreams help humans cope with conscious life… And even connect with the subconscious. 
What do y’all daydream about? 

One thought on “On Daydreams

  1. Honestly, my daydreams are more like scenarios I wish would happen, while my normal dreams are just plain random. I'm not sure if either actually does anything for me. In fact, i reckon my daydreams probably create unrealistic expectations but they make me happy, so whatever. I reckon it would be cool to see what other people daydream about in a squiggly cloud above their heads though.

    The Life of Little Me


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