On Laughter

For someone who seems somewhat sad lately, I’ve had a lot of this. Laughter is probably the best medicine (next to sex), and it honestly does so much in terms of bringing people together.  Laughter is how I handle awkward situations, stop crying, break the ice with new people, and feel better again.
I can’t write about this without thinking about the last time I lost myself in hysterical  laughter…
I was at my good friends house, and she had her little cousins over. They wanted to watch a movie, so we settled on watching Disney Pixar’s “The Good Dinosaur” (so underrated– it’s a beautiful, touching film, but had all its release thunder taken away by “Inside Out”, albeit another gorgeous and touching film). Anyways. (I’ll try not to spoil things) Between laughing at how the dinosaurs had become domesticated and how the human running around was wild, we stumbled across a scene that basically included a drug trip on acid or LSD. The baby dinosaur and the human both are some strange berries, and before you know it, space and time was bending onscreen, and the shapes of the dinosaur and human were being stretched to extremes. I don’t know why my friends and I completely lost it at that part– perhaps it was because Disney so blatantly made a drug reference in an obvious kids movie, or that the little kids that were watching it with us did not really know what was happening.
Either way, my lungs and stomach hurt afterwards, and thinking about it even now brings all the smirks to my face. There’s just such a relieving release from laughter– and I wish people could take advantage of it every day…

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