Coming to you live from a dismal doctors waiting room! (Ugh college immunizations…) I just finished counting, and I have about 51 days left in student limbo.
That being said, I’m going to try to make the most out of these next 50ish days, and try to reunite with those that I’ll separated from later in August (sad face).   
But I’m also going to try to get on this space more, because I’ve missed it so much and I don’t have school work I have to tend to (not yet, anyways 😎). 
Annnnd during my search for topics to blog about, inspiration and all that jazz… I discovered this blog challenge from last year where the prompts are a single word– and I guess you just write about whatever comes to mind regarding that topic. 
So I think I’ll try that. 
Also just a random interjection– I went through and read blog posts from 3 years  ago and MAN. They are so annoying 😂😭 I guess you don’t really see how weird/angsty/awkward/unnecessarily self-centered you are until time has passed and you look back and it’s too late and you just cringe…
Guess I’ll start this tomorrow! 

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