Some End-of-Year Catchup + Prom for Half the Price

It’s been a long time since I posted in this space– and there’s so much I want to say but it’s such a busy time right now…
Just recently I had my last choral concert as a senior (themed British Invasion with musical inspiration from the best British artists)
And my last improv show with my troupe
…and my last performance with my acappella group.

There’s a lot of “last”s flying around right now, one of which includes PROM, the main topic of this post.
But even though they’re “last” events as a senior, it only means the beginning as a freshman in college– it’s just the first step of the rest of my life.

But anyways.
Enough of this mushy gushy sentimental graduation-goggle business– For those of you who still have proms left, here’s a couple of tips on how you can have a fabulous night for a fraction of the cost.

1. Get a used dress. (Chances are, you’ll only wear it once!) Whether you find it in a small consignment boutique, a dress swap, or prom dress drive (that’s where I found mine!) it cuts out a major expense of prom. In my case, I found an Alfred Angelo stunning canary silk-ish looking gown with a lace up back for–no lie– $0. I am a die-hard thrifter, and love the element of surprise when I can find a gorgeous gown that fits for less than a brand new one. However, if you do choose to buy a new one, consider donating it to any of those aforementioned places– another person’s used dress is a thrifty gal’s treasure 😎

Photo credits to MK Photography (love love LOVE her stuff– 10/10 would reccomend!)

2. Get lightly used shoes! (you’ll be kicking them off to dance anyways!) I tend to compromise comfort for glamour(5.5 inch heels are always a bad idea but I do it anyway), but if you’re trying to have height/glam all evening, definitely find something comfortable!

3. Do not go overboard on dinner before the dance. I understand that it’s a classy night, everyone looks good and wants to be classy. But it doesn’t mean you have to empty your wallet on one meal that you may or may not finish. Try to find an affordable yet nice place nearby, save room for dessert and, if you’re feeling it, smuggle some sourpatch kids and sweet tarts in your prom clutch (;

4. Carpool! Save the environment AND money on gas by double dating in one car or piling into a larger family-owned car. Limousines and party buses can be expensive, and it’s up to you whether you want to fork over lots of money for a minute long (albeit impressive) arrival.

5. Do your hair yourself. YouTube tutorials are lifesavers. Not to mention Pinterest and all that inspiration on the Internet– you’re bound to find the perfect hairstyle for your look. If you can’t do a style yourself, see if you can gets friend to help you out (or borrow their curling iron lol)

6. Same with your nails! Gels are gorgeous but pricey at times, not to mention they make texting a little cumbersome. Get a neutral colour you can paint on yourself and possibly dress up with nail glitter/sequins, or invest in one of those DIY drugstore mani pedi sets! (I recommend Sally Hansen)

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips, Spring Fever, 16 ea

7. Make your own floral arrangements. I’ve handmade my date’s boutonnieres for three years now, and not only is it super inexpensive but it’s also a fun and personal way to dress up a tux. (I always refer back to this tutorial, and this one if I can’t keep up with a video) whether I’m working with real or faux flowers. This year, I used a real yellow rose and leaves with a small spray of faux baby’s breath (pic of Jace and I)

Happy Promming!

J and I adding some spice to prom night


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