I Strongly Dislike Selfie Sticks.

The idea for this post actually came to me in a dream.

However, in that dream, I was going somewhere, and when I got there, all that the people around me were doing was taking selfies.
So it annoyed me, and I remember being mad at the people in the dream
Because they weren’t appreciating, they were social-media-ing.
It just reignited in me the fact that sometimes, you can leave your phone at home, or off and in your bag away from the festivities at hand.

A couple nights back, I did just that.
And the night was a pleasurable blur.

And I’m not bashing technology (though I do at times–for the longest time, and even still kinda up to this point, I hated selfie sticks– it’s like, the perfect combination between vain and lazy) but rather, trying to keep it in perspective. I know it’s semi hypocritical because I love Instagram posts and camera rolls and snapchats as much as the next person.
But there’s a secret bubbly joy when you have a cool experience to yourself– when you thoroughly enjoy it and maybe not even mention it to other people.
And then it seems there is this expectation for us Homo sapiens to broadcast ourselves on social media. Kind of like “if it’s not on social media, did it even happen?”

Come on guys.
You witnessed it. You lived it.
Of course it happened.

This Lent I’m taking a hiatus from the Tweeter feeds and InstaGraham photo blocks, like I did earlier this year. (Or was it last year? Ah the new year was still so recent I can’t even anymore).

And I’m looking forward to it.


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