The Thing About Third Wheeling

Just something that’s been on my mind lately.

I remember when I was in middle school, and my mother was super into “group dating”. At the time, I thought this idea sucked.

I couldn’t go out with my first real boyfriend unless I had other people around.  So I’d ask a couple of my close girl friends if they wanted to come…

God, if only I had known what a dumb thing I was doing.

Third wheeling sucks, I’m not gonna lie.  Been there, done that.  It’s not pleasant.  And I’m wishing I could go back and fix all that with my friend…

Instead, I’ve decided to just never create third wheel situations. Or at least, prevent them from happening. Because nobody likes being that big weird awkward wheel on the front of those weird, big, old-fashioned bicycles. (Whoops I looked those up on google and they only have 2 wheels… you get my drift though) Or the super ultimate intimate touches. Or the intense staring that isn’t directed at you, but the person next to you.

Personally, I do my best not to PDA (though hard at times) and I try to include everyone in conversation.  I feel like sometimes I do almost too a good job because my best friend sometimes asks if J and I are happy together, because she “never sees us hold hands!” Nope, it’s some self control.

And holding hands isn’t bad.  It’s just the excess stuff.  Like being handsy or whispering things into the lover’s ear and giggling afterwards. And I pretty much despised it all.

…Until today.

Well, I still kinda dislike it but today’s third-wheeling episode was actually enjoyable.

Which just proves that one can actually be a third wheel without a negative connotation. It just all depends on the people in the tri-gathering and what goes down.


It was a tame meeting at Robek’s. I sat contently with my Tropi-Kale (pineapple + kale = heaven) and my good friend sat next to me, and her boy thing (it’s an odd relationship, currently) sat with us so our stools made a triangle formation. It was all very civil.  And we actually talked to each other.  Everyone was equal. (…though this could be because she wants to kind of get away from her position in the relationship and I was moral support….) But still.  I never felt uncomfortable once.

I guess I’m just grateful for those wise people who are able to make situations feel as good as they did today.

Many thanks.

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