People might be surprised that I…

…Write poetry.

It rhymes sometimes

When I decide

To take that stride

Towards an orderly manner

But more often it’s free

Wandering, like my thoughts

or my black cocker-spaniel

after hiding his favorite toy

My words are my light-saber

My Ghirardelli squares

But calorie-free

To cheer me up

When I am feeling the stress

Of a 27 college applications

Or school assignments

I sit in behind a screen

(that’s probably too bright)

And I write.

About my day, my mood

My worries, my fears

love for Star Wars,


or aspirations

Like how I want to become

“A teacher by day

and artist by night”

(like my 5th grade teacher)

So I plow through essays

and more essays

to reach that goal

at a reasonable price

and I’m content

Until I need to take a break

and then people might be surprised

that I draw.

This poem was written for an essay prompt on a scholarship application, asking to finish the sentence “people might be surprised that I…”.  It may not get me anywhere but I felt like sharing. 


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