Snowmageddon 2016: Day 4

And it’s DAY 4 out here in the frozen tundra.  The sun shone a bit brightly today, so there’s been a bit of noticeable melting, but the piles outside still pass my knees. 
Yesterday I thought it would be a good idea to take on the aftermath of the super-blizzard and hike to J’s house.  
The way over was great. Fun, even.
The way back? *grumble…..* I left late, so it was dark, and I had to walk in the road. (Don’t worry I didn’t die.) It’s actually kind of eerie and cool to be out in the middle of a parkway, only one lane cleared by plow, and have all the traffic lights stuck on green because there’s not a soul or set of wheels in sight.  
I felt all super-human-y and post-apocalyptic with mah snow boots and furry-hooded vest and iPhone flashlight.
And although I’ve been basically trapped in my house for the past 4 days (minus me sleeping over at my best friend’s house because I couldn’t handle my cramped house of 8 plus dog anymore), I’ve been super psyched because school has been cancelled. Yesterday, they cancelled for Monday and Tuesday, and today… they cancelled for Wednesday as well!
(I’m mildly excited, if you couldn’t tell.)
In other news…. one of my fave people from Pentatonix did a live stream a little while ago and I was thinking about getting in on that… Live streaming seems like fun– kinda like a vlog but not as often and not permanent (unless I choose it to be, I guess).  
So we’ll see about that… if I end up doing it, I’ll definitely share about it.
’til next time,

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