just some Pre-Blizzard Notions

OH MY GOODNESS.  The first legit snow all year, and it’s coming as a blizzard to pummel the eastern shore.

Needless to say, I’m excited.

But I’m also a tiny bit worried.

I don’t want anyone getting hurt…good thing they pre-closed school for tomorrow! WOOOOOOOOOOT! (Also D.C. is in a state of emergency, so that’s fun.)  They’re calling for 1-2 feet of snow.  And for us practically-snow-virgins in VA, the slightest flake is enough to freak out people on the roads. (I will pray for those people.) I’ve decided to not think about the fact that we might lose power
…and internet
…and hot water
…and cooking capabilities (all which fall under the loss of “power” lol)

The last time a blizzard came through, my family had to put a legit fire in our originally-only-for-aesthetic-uses fireplace and cook our meals on an oven rack and in metal pots.  (Yup, Little House on the Prairie style.  Big family included.)

…Buuuuuuut we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, right?

As for all of my friends who might be freaking out right now, here’s just some things I’d suggest to get through the first snow-mageddon of 2016 as suggested by my overly cautious father:

  • Get batteries.  AA, AAA, you name it. OH and don’t forget power banks for phones.  If you have them already, CHARGE THEM NOW WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!!
  • Get toilet paper.  (Warning: you may not have been fast enough and it might already be sold out– might I suggest using Amazon Prime?
  • Gather all the blankets in your house (the warm ones, anyways). You don’t know if your heat will conk out.
  • Stock up on water bottles! You gots to keep hydrated!
  • Get matches.
  • Find candles.
  • Be prepared to use your fireplace as a stove.
  • ^(Due to above, get firewood)
  • Fill your car’s gas tank ahead of time (in case you need to run out and get stuff last minute.)
  • Have pet food, baby formula, diapers–all that–on hand.
  • Have your prescription meds accessible! Don’t die in the snow because you forgot to take your Aderol.  
  • Stay tuned in. Use a radio or tv or computer to check for updates in your area (until the power goes out, anyways.
  • Fend yourselves from potential boredom! Put out games like Cards Against Humanity, Pandemic, Pirate’s Dice, a deck of cards, Spin the Bottle, or Monopoly, or something somewhere in the event that *gasp* your phone’s battery runs out.
  • Use Mother Nature as a freezer! In the event of a power outage, this can help save your frozen goods. (Been there, done that– it works, I swear.)
  • AND MOST IMPORTANTLY. Stay calm.  You got this.  It’s just a little bit of snow and it’ll melt by spring-time.    


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