doin’ the roanoke romp


I will rejoice the day that the college visits end. 

Today was friggin PACKED. I woke up at 7:30 this morning, checked out of our hotel, and drove to the first of two college visits, both in Roanoke VA, both in freezing weather. 

I do not like being cold. 

But at least I’ve had a chance to visit one of my top two schools. 

The first one, Hollins, was pretty beautiful, and since it’s a pretty small (super small, actually) school, there’s more flexibility in terms of scheduling, tuition, and on-campus activity. So far my main interest is the $27,000 they’re offering me plus my scholarship application there. 

After we hit them up, we headed down to Roanoke College in Salem where I was pleasantly surprised. The campus was super pretty, and it was one of those town-integrated campuses, where cute down-towns streets intersected parts of campus and there was brick everywhere. Our tour guide, Ben, was super helpful and nice. However it seemed like it had gotten colder, and the biting wind didn’t make it any better.

After that we headed to a local pet rescue shelter, as my mom has been looking or a playmate for Travis for a long time now, and one of the dogs she liked just happened to be down here. Sadly, the dog we came to see wasn’t there anymore. ):

After all the events today, however, I think I know where I wanna go to college. But until I’m sure, I’m gonna wait till I confirm some (or any) scholarships. 

And I also know that I will probably pass out tonight instead of doing homework…

UPDATE: Our county supervisor or whatever just called us to say that we have a 2-hour delay from school tomorrow due to subzero temperatures! WOOT!


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