I’m Nocturnal, and other news

Annnd we’re back live with the Wednesday edition of “Why Stephanie Has Not Slept”!


This is like the third night in a row… And I’d blame it on homework (and an endless stream of Adam Lambert and Tori Kelly videos), but I can’t, because I owe a lot of it to procrastination, work, and distraction.

Whichever one of those *coughallofthem* are to blame… I’ve become extremely short on sleep.
Coffee has become my best friend… and it feels weird to go to bed before 2am at this point.

But tonight I’m gonna try to go to bed by midnight! WOOO!

On another non-sleep-inspiring note…. College acceptance notification #2 came today!  Super pumped because it’s one that’s been at the top of my list for a whileeeeeeee 😀

It feels so nice when schools want to take you under their wing….


Lol, I tried^… I’m not tired at alllllllllll…. 

Happy Hump-evening!


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