Ghirardelli and tears

Another square, another bite

Just to get me through the night
My blood pressure’s way to high
At times it feels like I will die
of diabetes, of exhaustion, of stress or sorrow
It’s ten more minutes until tomorrow
Almost too late, for the submission deadline
Just a couple more edits and all will be fine
But I’m gnawing my lip like I gnaw on the cocoa
university processes driving me loco
I can’t seem to eat, or sleep, cause I’m haunted
by shadows of schools; I want to feel wanted
But I hit it–SUBMIT– it’s out on its way
And I sit and unwrap, day after day
tiles and tiles of special dark caramel
happy flavors convincing that all will be well
It’s gone, it’s out there, soon to be seen
at the feet of the mercy of an admissions dean
My confection supply is almost run out
The drug’s wearing off, I’m thinking about
Setting my life up for four solid years
Soon to be filled with Ghirardelli and tears.

(And thus, a poem describing my experience applying to colleges.)


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