A Look Backward

Happy New Year, friends! 😀

We made it through another one!

What a wild ride. Last year, I partook in a blogging linkup and answered a ton of questions regarding my year– I just went back and read through it and I have to say I am consistently surprised at how much things can change in just one year.

This year, I’ve decided to do it again, because even though some things change, some stay exactly the same, and the same goes with my answers for these.

Feel free to answer these questions yourself if you feel reminiscent and/or inspired!

1.What one event, big or small, are you going to tell your grandchildren about? Last year I totally BSed this answer. I will tell my children of the time a friend and I kidnapped one of my girlfriends on her 18th birthday, took her to Petsmart, bought her a hamster even though her mother said she couldn’t have one, and then headed to the mall with the hamster (we named him Socks) inside my friend’s lunchbox. He could peep out, it was so cute and it was his first time inside a mall!

2.If you had to describe your 2015 in 3 words, what would they be? Hectic. Different. Spontaneous.

3.What new things did you discover about yourself? I always kinda knew this, but DAMN this year I noticed more that I am impulsive. I also realized how independent I can be. I also noticed that I am paranoid…

4.What single achievement are you most proud of? Governor’s school. Probably. 3 weeks of pure German– I got so much better.

5.What was the best news you received? That I was accepted into a [insert name of private school here so they don’t sue me for not committing quite yet] University with $27,000 a year!

6.What was your favourite place that you visited in 2015? New York City. The antique theatre where we saw Phantom. Hands down. Such a powerful city. I gained back part of my soul there.

7.Which of your personal qualities turned out to be the most helpful this year? My creativity. Projects, gifts, essays… you name it, I called on so much of my creative juices this year. Some were Pintrest-binge induced, but others came from my own imagination.

8.Who was your number one go-to person that you could always rely on?
Honestly? This year?

9.Which new skills did you learn? In 2015, learned…
how to waitress!
how to make a new kind of snowflake out of paper (and Star Wars themed ones too!)
how to ride one of those handle-less Segways
how to create faux bangs

10.What, or who, are you most thankful for? My family. Always. Even the drama. Sometimes you don’t know what you have until you do. Cherish every moment, guys.

11.If someone wrote a book about your life in 2015, what kind of genre would it be? A comedy, love story, drama, film noir or something else? It would honestly be a romantic comedy drama. That’s my life, actually. Don’t see that changing. XD (kept this from 2014– I agree.)

12.What was the most important lesson you learnt in 2015? Opinions don’t matter until you tell yourself they do. Block out the noise, do you, it’s so much more enjoyable that way. Oh, and that social media is, on many levels, overrated. [I deleted all my social media.]

13.Which mental block(s) did you overcome? Similarly to last year, that perfection is attainable. It’s just not. Embrace your flaws, dudes and dudettes. Perfection = boring. Our differences are worth their weight in gold, Strive to be unique and not give a rat’s ass what other people think. You literally free your mind and your soul when you adopt that frame of mind. And it feels so. Fucking. Good.

14.What 5 people did you most enjoy spending time with?
Jason ❤ (always though)

15.What was your biggest break-through moment career-wise?
I got a new job at the Italian restaurant across the street from me. There are nights when I make over $100 and it’s sooooooo satisfying.

This year was definitely jam packed… with new experiences, new people, new ideas, new places…. New attitudes. I can’t wait to see what 2016 will bring.


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