Blogvember Day 1: I’m Weird When I’m Alone.

What are some weird things you do alone? 

Well, for starters, I answer questions like this.

But in reality… I sing (ridiculously, loudly, and obnoxiously) in opera voice, I walk around my house with minimal clothing (all about that comfort, amiright ladies?), I overcome my self-discipline and raid my fridge for the weirdest items (like cottage cheese and pickles), AND I talk to myself.

I don’t need to justify any of these. I realize.

But they’re fun.

And the best part?

No one is around to judge me. Not that I’d care too much (except for being indecently exposed around my family, which…. could get quite awkward).

Opera builds my vocal skillz (heh), walking around half naked exposes my skin to fresh air (stupid oxygen-depriving clothes), ravaging the fridge satisfies my odd cravings and hunger, and speaking aloud to myself about anything on my mind or simply my chain of actions…keeps me sane.

What about you?

What weird things do you do when no one’s watching?

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